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Meet the team.

Tom is an engineer, product designer and serial entrepreneur who spends most of his time working on jet engines and rockets. He is an Engineering Science Professor at Oxford University.


Raghav is a young entrepreneur, from a family with three generations of cookware manufacturing experience. When they met, they discovered shared passion for innovation and cooking.


Meet Tom


I first came up with the idea of a more efficient pan on a mountaineering trip, because at high altitudes it takes absolutely forever to boil water, so improving the efficiency of heat transfer to the pan makes a big difference in that environment.


We developed the technology at the thermal fluids laboratory at the University of Oxford, where we have some of the best facilities in the world to address heat transfer problems in industry.

FIREUP pans are significantly more efficient than conventional pans and they enable you to cook faster, with less gas.

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Meet Raghav


I come from a family with three generations of cookware manufacturing experience. When I met Tom, I was intrigued by his passion for solving problems. After sharing our expertise, a vision to change cooking for the better immediately sparked.

Enhanced cooking experience is at the core of our design, but seeing the Dutch Oven for the first time, I was simply blown away by its design. I wanted it to be on my kitchen counter – and yours!


In founding FIREUP, I hope to bring the best innovation and design to your home. To do this, I went to great lengths to ensure the highest quality using the safest and most sustainable materials, and the best design details -- from carefully choosing our factories to approaching hundreds of chefs and cast iron experts for their insights. I make it my personal responsibility to bring you only the best.

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