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Better Cooking

Better Cooking

Better Cooking

Better Cooking

Better Cooking

The Future of Cooking

Our patented fin design is at the core of our mission to

make cooking better. 

Iconic Design

Better Cooking


A more even,

cooking experience.

Conventional cookware only heats from the bottom.

Blending science and design, our cookware uses the same heat transfer principles as used for heat management in jet engines. Developed in association with the University of Oxford, our fins guide heat across the bottom and up the sides of the pan, so that more heat is utilised from the hot plume.

This gives you a faster and more even cooking experience.

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Each time you cook

Assembly of all three pans Wireframe 2_edited.jpg

Patented in 8 countries, our design is tested to guide  and transfer heat more efficiently

Infrared Thermography of Heating Process
Demonstrating Faster Water Boil Rate  

Patent fire up.png

 ‘A vessel (1) for heating the contents thereof by means of an external heat source (8) comprises a non-horizontal side wall (2) and a heat transfer structure (6) attached to and in good thermal contact with, or formed integrally on, an outer surface of said side wall.’

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